Its Brilliant and Entertaining with Mike Elvin. 

A GOOD Close up Magician will give you a Highly Entertaining Experience that you will remember, for a very long time.

Wonderful and witty fun that will help make your event exiting as well as memorable for a very long time. 

Can you just imagine the reaction of the audience, they will love it. Have a great time and make sure that your friends have a incredible time too: 

It works incredibly for
Dinner Functions
Dinner Parties
Private Parties and Garden Parties. 

Also Weddings also Dinner and Dance Functions.

Entertaining between and after the courses at a Dinner Dance or when the band or disco has had a break. Before and after the speech's, moving from group to group, or table to table.   


Verbal Quotes/Reviews

"No Way. No. That's imposable. He's unbelievable. How can that happen? That's cool." Tunbridge Wells

"Wow. That didn't just happen. How do you do that?" Brighton

"It's really clever. I've no idea how you do that." Littlehampton

"You see it on the TV but this is real." Hastings

"Can you make my husband disappear?" Eastbourne

"Thanks for coming. We all enjoyed it, hopefully we will see you again next year." Portsmouth

"I don't know how that happened, and it was in my hand." Worthing

"I've seen some magicians, but that was brilliant." London

"I asked if they had enjoyed their dinner. They said yes, but the magic man was terrific, and had made the event thoroughly enjoyable." East Grinstead

"We would gladly hire you again. We've had you entertain for the last three years, and are looking forward to booking you again for next year. Thanks for the great show." Haywards Heath

"I've seen a lot of good magicians, but this guy tops them all." Guildford

"The staff thoroughly enjoyed your magic, it really brought the party to life." Crawley

"My wife hasn't seen me enjoy myself like that in years. Thank you." Dorking

"You are very entertaining. Our usually stuffy crowd, which has well hidden reserves of humour, thoroughly enjoyed the magic performance." Reigate

"I loved the look on their faces." Horsham

"Wow! Need I say more." Hove

"Can you entertain the magician while I go and get a drink"
(and then later)
"I thought that was really very good and I don't even like magic." Redhill

"I think street magic is amazing. A real street magician." Croydon

"I loved the way everybody thought it was me doing the magic trick. Well I did, but I don't know how I did it." Burgess Hill


Private Functions, Corporate Functions and Wedding Receptions.



With Table Magicians moving from table to table or Mix and Mingle magic strolling entertainment. 

Mike can stroll around performing and entertaining with his unique style for an hour or for a couple of hours or more (subject to how many guests there are). We can help advise you. 

Contact Mike for whatever age Birthday Party. Have a Great time.

Dinner Parties - 
Are you thinking of having a Meal for a group of your friends in your own home? The party catering is sorted. What about the Entertainment?   For Example : Close up Magic for 30 minutes to 1 hour will  enhance your evening and It will make your Dinner Party. Help give your Guests a Fantastic evening to talk about.

You will hear gasps of Astonishment and peels of Laughter around the room. 

Question: I want to book a magic entertainer. What do I need to know, and how long should I book them for? 

Answer: Due to the nature of close up magic it is subject to the conditions of the day and the guests. How many guests are there going to be? Please let us know how many guests you will have and we will advise you. Close up magic is very adaptable!

If you want more than one entertainer We can help you find professional magicians for hire. 

Are you looking for a Quality Entertainer who performs close up entertainment. We can help you

Book now to avoid disappointment


We can help you out and bring you some very exiting performing art that will set the room alight? 


Magician Sussex area          Magician Surrey area               Magician Kent area

Sleight of hand card tricks for your event and have a brilliant time. Make sure you party is exiting with Mike whom loves to entertain. Enjoy watching a table entertainer performing amazing card trick fun.  Really make your Event Amazing. What are you looking for - a top entertainer.  We are here to help you find the answer because you will want to enjoy yourself. Our aim is to ensure you are Happy and have a wonderful time.  Enjoy the magic trick effects. We can help you with performers for parties who are both fun and enjoyable and will bring you so much.  We can Help You and have a great time. You will be assured that it will be Top class stuff when you hire magicians for your do. Some of the best entertainers around would love to come and see you. It’s always enjoyable. When you are looking for Amazing stuff you will enjoy this action packed performance.

It will always be great fun with the incredible banter and amusing trickery. We bring you amazing card magic and fabulous effects and humourMike would love to come and see you. Charity Balls and Charity events work well when you have this entertainment. You want sleight of hand tricksters and Mike will bring you a very entertaining time. We provide some of the best entertainment with close up kent magicians. A Quality Entertainer who is Superb and Enjoyable and you will enjoy yourself because it’s thoroughly amusing stuff that will be memorable. Mike is always one of the best and to ensure that your guests are enjoying themselves you should aim to book him. This is one of the up to the minute forms of entertainment and Mike is an experienced performer. When you need Tip Top Entertainers and need to ensure that everyone will have a good time Mike is the one whom will be able to help you out.


With a top quality performer your party will be terrific fun with effects that are really enjoyable your friends will be well impressed, and everyone will have a ball. See the sleight of hand magic performed just in front of your eyes. It is very enjoyable with Card Tricks and various other effects using everyday objects to Ensure that your guests really are entertained. You are looking for performers whom are great at parties and weddings so Remember to book the best and keep your guests happy. Mike enjoys himself and it is infectious, he is a performer who will amaze at 30th birthday parties for your celebrations. Have a happy time at a wedding and 40th birthday parties will be so much fun it will always be enjoyable.  50th birthday parties amazing entertainment with a card Magician for hire and have a great time with your friends. 60th birthday parties with all you friends and family. Many happy returns. Have a 30th birthday party. Always fun.  Enjoy your 40th birthday party with a celebration. 

We would love to be with you. Enjoy your 50th birthday party by having an entertainer a Surrey Magician. There will be much merriment and hilarious laughter. Get together with everyone to have a great 60th birthday party. We can enhance your dinner and dance functions by providing magician hire for dinner and dance entertainment. Golf clubs functions and golf club entertainment with a Kent magician. Anniversary parties and anniversary functions are crying out for a table entertainer.  For an anniversary party, private parties and private functions because they will help the day flow smoothly. Restaurant, garden party ideas, garden parties ideas.  Are you having a garden party? Do you want a barbecue entertainer Quality assured to a great British standard? When you want to hire close up magician's we are here to help you and it will be wonderful and thrilling entertaining performing modern and classic effects. Entertaining close up magicians sussex will bring happiness to your party.


Close up Magicians Sussex will bring you a great time. - Top notch Magicians Sussex will help to enhance your function. - A Corporate and party Magician Kent for a great time. – We will help make the day run smoothly so Hire Magicians Kent to make it a little easier. – Whatever the occasion (within reason) Hire Sussex Magicians 

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