It can be Sophisticated

It can be Light Hearted

It can be Just Fun

The art of Close Up Magic, this is also known as:- Table Hopping,  Walkabout, Mix and Mingle and Sleight of Hand. 

This form of entertainment is very popular as Wedding Entertainment as well as for Corporate Events and Private Parties because it is extremely interactive and flexible.

Table Hopping Magic is moving from table to table & performed by close up magicians. 
Walkabout and Mix and Mingle Magic is moving from group to group. 

Mike can Perform within a few minutes of walking through your door, with no heavy props and set up. 

Your Guests will be astonished as they see incredible sleight of hand and witness the impossible before their eyes as they watch a magician close up. 

Audiences are left amazed by the unique entertaining.


"Hello Mike, thank you so much for entertaining family and friends on Sunday.  
Everyone enjoyed it and said how much they enjoyed your tricks. 
Best wishes," SM Sussex

"thank you Mike, you made #####'s day, the party went well they were all spell 
bound at your magic fantastic, thank you again." BB near Horsham

"Mike I would like to thank you for the entertainment that you provided. Everyone whom I have spoken to said they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We would love to have you back some time in the future." PW Tunbridge Wells 

 "Saturday was a great night, fabulous fun and you helped make it so. Thanks for coming and doing your stuff.

Thanks again" JW Croydon. 

The secret is not the trick but the entertainment value.

Mike is flexible and will adapt 

to the people whom he is performing.

What normally happens is Mike will spend typically 5 - 10 minutes (sometimes more) with each group or table and then move on to the next group.

Verbal comments  "That was very funny." Brighton.

"Oh I loved that card trick." Crawley.

"How the **** did you do that." Horsham.

"I should have written another word. I walked into it with that one." Worthing. 

"Well Done you have done us all proud." Eastbourne.

"I was watching you ever so closely. I kept my eyes on your hands all the time. I still don't know how you did it." Dorking.

"Can you make money come from nowhere" and later "I wasn't expecting that" Epson.

"People keep coming up and tell me how good you are. Can you do a trick for me." Chichester

"You have kept everyone entertained. Thank you for coming." Hastings.

"I thought I knew what you were going to do. That was good " Croydon. 

"I've seen a magician before and you were even better." Guildford

Some Examples. Card Tricks  Money Tricks  Rope Tricks  Tricks with everyday objects.Imagine the scene - One of your guests signs a card. the card is put into the deck. The signed card then appears somewhere completely different. It unbelievable but it happens right before your eyes.

Tricks that are Amazing, for example table magic that is performed just a short distance from your guests. Incredible Card Tricks! You know where the card is but it just disappears. Also Money Tricks where Notes can just appear from nowhere or Coins can just vanish. Then there is Rope Tricks where a normal rope can just change. There are Tricks with everyday objects including Lottery tickets, Dice, Business Cards, Balls and Wallets.

Watch your guests faces as the impossible happens in front of them. 

Sleight of hand entertainment performed by your table magician or strolling magician. At some functions Balloon Modelling can be very popular with some of the guests. When adults are in a party mood a balloon model can be a Great Fun item. Balloons can be a very popular entertainment. You have to see it to believe it.                                                                                                                            

Example_of__magic_props._Rope,_Coins,_Cards,_Dice,_and_BallsA little magic goes a long way when you’re trying to organize a function. 

This is very flexible and can be adapted to almost any situation. 

If you have experienced a good close up or table performer you will know the difference it can make to an evening. Audiences are left amazed. Anyone can do tricks but only a magician can perform magically.

Remember - The main aim of a good performer is to entertain and a little magic goes a long way when you’re trying to organize a function. 

This is very flexible and can be adapted to almost any situation. 

You’re looking for entertainment for a party, wedding, restaurant, social club, private function or corporate event then look no further. This is Entertainment that is both Amazing and Fun. For the very best in exciting fun hire Mike to ensure a very amazing experience. 

This is brilliant and amazing stuff that you and your guests will just love.

What do you want? 
The main points



Your guests to be entertained and to have a memorable and successful Occasion. You will also want your guests to have a great time. Its Easy to arrange, you will have Peace of Mind and Quality Entertainment.


Mike will Enjoy coming to visit and Entertain you and all you need to do is to invite him.

This is suitable at any time of the year including Christmas because it is just fun. Mike loves to entertain so to hire him just go to our contact us page. This is an art form that is growing ever so more popular because it will be always Fun and entertaining. 

Hire a Magician Sussex    -   Wedding Magician Surrey     -      Table Magician Kent

We want you to enjoy your day or evening. 

Mike will be delighted to come along and perform for you amazing sleight of hand fun. This is a very interactive social entertainment that is great fun, that will help transform your function and spread laughter and talking around the room. 

He is ideal for your event because his unique style of performance is totally incredible, so much so that you will be confident that your friends will have a happy time. When you are organising a birthday party or a wedding reception this can really help to create a lively electric atmosphere. For those functions when you want to keep your guests well entertained just hire a Close up magician who will really help your occasion to be a success. 

Enjoy the happy fun entertaining which will get everyone talking and joking because it is incredible mirth and fun. Society events to parties with a joker whom will amuse you and everyone else. You will have a ball. From grand balls to more intimate occasions we can help. Hotels to social clubs and marquees to restaurants. A Magician for hire whom will delight your friends. You will just love the Fun as Mike strolls around mingling with the audience and having a good time. An amazing conjurer who will bring real joy to the party or occasion with amazing after dinner and evening entertainment performing table magic. Hire a Hampshire Magician for your event and have a tip top time. It’s brilliant and Enjoyable and everyone will just love it.  

So really set the atmosphere alight. The fun and laughter will spread all around the room and create a buzz. Mike is your ideal choice because he is a experienced performer.

On those very special occasions such as Weddings this is entertaining that will help you have a ball.  For birthday parties and card trick performing 

Close up Magician Surrey area The main thing you require is a reliable quality performer and we can help you with that. - Close up magician Kent area it will help your day run smoothly. – Close up Magicians Sussex area and it is very easy to book. if you need to ask a question we will be only to willing to help you. - Magicians Surrey and Hampshire area

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