Mike Elvin is One of the Top Magician's in the South           

Everyone will enjoy the happy pleasant banter together with the trickery. 

It is a Wonderful combination.

Close Up Magic Its Brilliant for Corporate Entertainment and Private Functions.  

Social Occasions including Birthday Parties and Weddings also Anniversary Functions. 


Everyone will be blown away by the incredible performance; it is slick and exiting so hire a close up magician to amaze your friends. 


This is Wonderful for Corporate entertainment and private functions for both small and large events. If you require several performers at a large function, then we can arrange it for you.


Hi Mike
All of our guests enjoyed our day/evening and you helped enormously to that! Thank you. We would have no hesitation in recommending you if ever the need arises
Best Wishs. WC Haywards Heath

Thank you for the amazing entertainment you provided. I thought it was fantastic. You exceeded everyoneís expectations. We were uncertain as to whether a close up magician would work at our firmís annual meal but we all found it incredibly entertaining, and would like to book you again. DW Brighton  

Thank you for coming on Friday. Everybody was discussing your magic entertainment. We all enjoyed the evening. I hope to see you performing again. LL Horsham.

Mike, Just a short note. I was at the Bent Arms on Saturday night for * and *s wedding. I thought I'd just feed back to you that after you'd gone people were saying how good you were and how much they'd enjoyed it. AF Burgess Hill.


Your magic is fantastic Mike, you made our night. Iím glad I booked you. 
PS Eastbourne.

Thank you so much for coming. To be honest I didn't know how it would go down. It has been very enjoyable. RR Croydon.  

Mike is in demand for corporate functions so when you are looking for a professional entertainer who can make small miracles occur in your own hands it is street magic in style with a little bit of a laugh. 

Hire Magicians in Sussex for a wonderful time. - Book Table Magicians in Kent to mingle with your guests. - Incredible Wedding Magicians in Surrey area to help you have a lovely time. 

Are you looking for entertainers whom will help ensure your day runs smoothly. We bring you some of the best fun available. 

We can help you. Small dinner parties where you have a small group of friends attending for after dinner entertainment that will make your evening unique. 




At a Charity ball if you are looking for something different something exciting that can be performed right under your nose. When you are looking for highly rated table hopping Mike ideal because he is extremely adaptable to the things that can happen at a moments notice. What about at the start of a evening with meet and greet the attendees as they arrive, followed by table magic going round and keeping everyone amused.

All sorts of magical props are used, money, lottery tickets, rope magic, card tricks etc.  

If you are looking for something different this can be performed right under your nose. When you are looking for highly rated table hopping Mike is extremely adaptable to the things that can happen at a moments notice. 

The Entertainment is Brilliant.

Book now to avoid disappointment 

Many of your friends may not have seen this type of show live in front of them so give them a treat.  

This is excellent for when you have a drinks reception, you will enjoy yourself because it is Amazing Fun. You will be assured of a great time. 

Itís ideal for weddings and Christmas Parties and your friends will be so pleased that you thought of them as they enjoy the slick stylish effects.  Book a table magician whom will bring enjoyment and laughter to your guests and will let you relax. This will really help to enhance your event. Make sure that your guests will find the occasion unforgettable, so when you need an Amazing close up magician in Kent for fun and laughter and a very enjoyable time to help you have a fabulous time. Keep your guests happy with this fabulous art form.

Are you looking for close up magicians then Mike is your ideal choice. Have a brilliant time with close up magicians with Mike because he is a first class act. A Mix and Mingle Performer will be a Lot of Fun and its Tip Top Entertainment. A Walkabout Performer will meet and entertain your guests and everyone will enjoy themselves, moving from one group to another while everyone is seated. Let us help you have a Terrific Time. Watch Amazing Sleight of Hand. 

When you Hire entertainers you will be assured of success because itís Brilliant Fun and it is so effective. It will certainly enliven up an evening and it will be memorable for a long time. Book a entertainer for your event and Have a Great Time. For Table top entertainment that will blow your guests away that is all done in a humorous style. Keep your Friends Happy and ensure that your friends and guests have an enjoyable occasion. This is ideal for a drinks reception when they are entering the room. Book a close up magician to entertain everyone at your function. Your family and friends will be so pleased that you went to the trouble to plan the evening well. When you need to hire a magician for excellent entertainment you will be pleased with the result. For incredible effects that will amuse and delight everyone who is attending try a table top magician to enhance your event because your friends family and friends deserve a great time. Have a very fun time. Wherever you are be it Arundel Bexhill Bognor Regis Brighton or Burgess hill we can help you.

Its Brilliant Card Tricks and Amazing Trickery, it is that but it is also more it is a package that will tantalise the folks who are attending. Hire Close up magicians whom are ideal for your function. We will help you to have a great time. To ensure you get Mike it is always advisable to book early and Mike will bring you his own style of tricks for your party. For a very large corporate event we can help you find amazing wedding magicians, that is more than one performing artist to come and help out after all you want to have an absolutely enjoyable experience. The beauty of this art form is that it is suitable for so many occasions. For a hen party or brilliant wedding magicians more than one performer its always great to watch and join in with. Sleight of hand tricks where incredible things occur in your own hand. Make sure your guests are happy. This is a modern take on a ancient art form and it is continually evolving. Seeing is believing when the impossible becomes possible. When you are looking for magician entertainment we can help you out.  Mike is in demand because he enjoys performing and his enthusiasm shows. Tip top fun.  

This entertainment is ideal for small dinner parties where your friends will thank you for the very unique evening you have arranged for them. With Mike you have found a close up magician whom will ensure your guests will have an amazing time being entertained by such an excellent performer. 

Whatever type of occasion that you are having we bring you Magicians for hire that will be ideal for you. Miracles can happen in your own hands right up in front of your eyes. 

For the very best in entertainment a Magician for hire will bring you a wealth of happiness. Watch your friendís reactions and hear the laughter. It is real because it happens in front of you in a live environment and everyone will wonder how it was done. People will have opinions and ideas and they will chat and discuss what they have just seen. It will get people chatting together.

When you are having a large do we can help you so just let us know your requirements and we will aim to help you out. Everyone will enjoy the wondrous tricks and banter.

When you are looking for some of the best Magicians for hire to entertain your guests this unique and personalised art form is suited to most functions. Just sit back and enjoy the show when you are looking for professional Magicians for hire who will do everything they can to make your function great. Fabulous Fun and Great card tricks and if you are looking for a touch of class to your event just think of us because we would love to come along.

It will be so much fun so if you are looking for a close up magician whom will bring a real load of fun and mirth to your function then you are at the end of your search. Have a happy time and you will be assured that itís a great laugh. It is very watch-able and exiting. For top performers and close up magicianís we are ideally placed to help you out. Ideal for most functions. It can be performed in a straight style or as a comedy act; it all depends on the people who are being entertained. Hire close up magicians for parties and weddings etc. Keep your guests happy. This will be a incredible experience as things that cant happen do happen. You want a fantastic close up magicians then try us.  We will deliver. You will be very satisfied and pleased with the performance. 

Itís Brilliant and so hilarious this is a very interactive entertainment it can help you have a fantastic event and the Sleight of hand is amazing.  Listen to the cheers and the laughter spread around the room. Mike is an experienced performer whom would love to come and see you and the laughter will help lighten the atmosphere with Happiness spreading around the room. We will be on hand to bring you some top class trickery. All kinds of tricks and sleight of hand that are very enjoyable to watch and it is very easy to arrange. 

A wonderful performer and this is classic and classy action. 

So when you are thinking about whether to hire Magician Surrey entertainment when you need a performer just let us know. We will come along and provide a wonderful time for all. We are here to help you when you are looking to hire Magicians for your shindig. 

You will find Mike a pleasure to watch as he performs. 

We will help you arrange a top class evening and you have definitely found the right web site.  

Absolutely amazing entertainment that will enthral your guests. Just have a good time. 

Mike is one of the best that there is so to make sure you have a great time make sure he comes along for your party and hire Magicians for top fun. Itís Brilliant Fun and the card tricks and bits and pieces are fab. Bring an extra element to you function, and have a great time. Itís Marvellous Entertainment that will enthral your friends. For a wonderful evening or even day because you love the trickery and mirth that goes with it.  

Private and Corporate entertainment for events. Hire Wedding Entertainers also Birthday Anniversary Parties entertaining that will delight your friends. 



The most important thing is to ensue that everyone has a good time and they will with Mike Elvin.


Bringing you the very best in this very skilful art-form. He has created a variety of totally unique routines that will help to make a electric atmosphere. 

Mike is your ideal choice when you are wanting to hire entertainers because he will fit in well with everyone and will aim to make your friends and family remember the occasion. When you are looking around you want someone who is reliable, who will keep people happy and entertained. 

We are here to help you out when you are looking for Close up Magicians Sussex and if you have any questions then we will aim to answer them for you. So when you are looking we are on hand to help you out with incredible and wonderful entertaining services.

What ever type of occasions you are having the chances are it will be enhanced when you Hire a Close up Magician Sussex or a Wedding Magician Surrey who will bring you a first class performance.  Make sure that everything runs smoothly so Hire Close up Magicians Kent for a marvellous time.


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